Insomnia: The Sleep Stealer, How To Deal With It?


Insomnia is one of the major health problems today. It attacks like a stealthy stalker and steals your beauty sleep leaving you feeling depressed and irritable. Here’s the what, when and how of Insomnia: Studies show that around 30-50% of the general population suffers from Insomnia while about 12% of the population ails from chronic

One Stop Health Solution

Be healthy

In today’s busy world, we wish to get hold of a magic wand that would take care of all our needs. We are always looking for a one stop solution for all our problems. It isn’t surprising then, that the same attitude continues for our health. Nature as we are taught is ‘Mother Nature’ and she cares

How To Live Healthy Life Longer

Living Healthy

Health is a combination of a robust mind and body. It is a general condition under which a person is free from illness, injury, pain, strain and stress. Systematic activities are required to be performed in order to prevent and cure health related problems. Prevention of health and maintenance of good health is as important

Pause Yoga, A Journey Into The Heart Of The Relaxation

india for yoga

Surrounded by Himalayan peaks, a few steps from the warm waters of Kerala, or just away from home, Here are some ideas to keep your mind fit and relaxed in a yoga retreat in an oasis of beauty and tranquility. If you want to deepen your knowledge of yoga practices or simply a quiet corner

How To Live Healthy Life in Today’s Era

Healthy Living

Is it possible to find a person who does not want to live a healthy and happy life? The well-known fact is that everybody wants to live healthy lifestyle. Most of the people work very hard according to their calculations still they do not get the satisfactory results. Some of them want to get a

How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Beautiful

Healthy & Beautiful Teeth

Teeth play an important role in anybody’s overall personality. It tells a lot about the qualities of a person. Clean teeth with attractive smile can surely help to grab the attention. Therefore healthy and clean teeth are not only important for a good personality but it also help to stay healthy. Many times we can

How To Stay Healthy At Work

Staying Healthy at Work

It is not uncommon that most of us are forced to spend long hours in office in today’s time. The economic pressure is the main reason due to which we have to work very hard for a better and stable life. We are pressurized to work more for the family reason or the business reason

Dealing With Skin Cancer And Its Treatment

Skin Cancer

This word ‘Cancer’ creates a terror in mind. Isn’t it? It is known as a life-threatening disease and Skin Cancer is the most common detected melanoma. Some results are showing that it is surpassing other forms of cancers. The part of skin exposed under Sun develops tumour and it can be any part of the

Some Useful Methods To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Sharp Mind

Many people around the world start losing confidence with age. They believe that they are getting old and it is the reason that they are not able to remember most of the things with time. However the reality is absolutely different. You can keep your mind sharp at any age by some simple steps and

Reduce Stress Through Proper Diet

Balanced Diet

Diet plays the most important role for a healthy life. Anybody in this world can get stressed due to the work or any other personal matter. It can be very painful emotionally. You may have noticed that some people eat a lot when they are facing some emotional trauma. Though healthy food is good to